Gallery Member Showcase

“Breathtaking Moment”

Pam Apley

“This Fabric Mosaic piece was inspired by a trip through one of the many National Parks in Utah. The sights and beautiful colors of the rock formations kept me busy with camera phone in hand. The most significant moments came when we drove through a tunnel and just as we came out on the other side we saw a panoramic view of the mountain ranges that took my breath away. It’s nearly impossible to recreate such beauty from God’s handiwork but it was a memory I wanted to capture.”

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Taylor Wilson

Taylor has a variety of t-shirts available at the LAG Gallery.

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“Water Nymph”

Kirk Kuenzi

“I created this piece using colored pencils on a colored paper. I was inspired by a black and white photo of Doctor Sylvie Earle, a noted marine biologist. Being an avid scuba diver and having a passion for the ocean, I really enjoyed the subject matter and the challenge of rendering the subject in color using the media I had chosen. Thanks for viewing and I hope you will make it to the LAG Gallery, 2634 North 48th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska to view more of my work as well as the other artists who are displaying work.

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“Urban Garden”

Jan Blank

“On our trip to Italy, I took lots of photos. This one I especially liked and decided to paint it in a small format. To me, it’s very typical of what you see in most of the towns there.”

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“Not On My Watch”

Debbie Martin

“I painted this piece at a dark time when all of the civil unrest began with the different movements and violence toward law enforcement. I wanted to portray strength and resolve and what better subject do that with than an intense edge?”

“A lot of my work has stories behind it. Most of my inspiration comes from an event, some funny, some intense, but usually significant either way.”

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